Primary and Secondary School Services

Taught Programme - Employability Skills



This scheme allows students the opportunity to identify their skills and qualities, develop them and learn how these can help them prepare for their future.   There are five sessions of 2hrs each and It can be delivered across the school year or over a shorter period of time – we can fit with the needs of the school. The programme is fully planned, resourced, and delivered by Own Futures with support from business volunteers where appropriate.


£600 for a five session programme 


Taught Programme - Preparing for my Future



This scheme consists of five, two hour sessions which can be delivered across the school year or over a shorter period of time to suit the needs of the school. Each session will focus on a different aspect of preparing students to be able to make informed choices and be aware of their options.  There is a session on students identifying their own skills and qualities, a session on financial literacy including looking at different salaries and mocked up wage slips to start to understand different rates of pay etc, a session on the world of work with a  range of volunteers in, a session on future jobs using labour market information with students creating their ideal job description and one on presenting yourself positively which would include communication techniques, CV writing and a mock interview (parents could also be invited into this session if the school wanted). The programme is fully planned, resourced and delivered by Own Futures.

£600 for a five session programme

Enterprise Day



A fun day where students will develop their team work, leadership, creative thinking, budgeting and organisational skills through undertaking an Enterprise activity over the course of a day. The activity will be planned, organised and delivered by Own Futures in conjunction with the school to ensure we fit in with the needs of the school day. Where appropriate Business Mentors will be used to support students with planning, marketing and financial decisions. Schools can choose from the ‘Design a Theme Park’, ‘Design a New School’ or ‘Organise a Festival’ topics, alternatively Own Futures are happy to work with the school to develop a bespoke enterprise activity. 

It is possible for the activity to take place over a series of weeks rather than one day and this can be discussed at the planning stage.

£300 a day

Careers Convention



A fabulous ‘one-stop’ way for students to meet and engage with a whole host of business volunteers from across a full range of sectors. The careers convention will be planned, organised, run and evaluated by Own Futures.   It will usually last three hours but can be planned in conjunction with the school to ensure we fit in with needs and requirements of the school day. 

The event is designed to raise aspirations, open students’ eyes to the different career options there are out there and inspire them!


Careers Week



A great place to start with your Careers and Employability offering. Own Futures will plan and create a range of low key but high impact resources that can be taught as part of your existing curriculum throughout this week – starters for lessons, displays around school, assemblies etc. This can take place at the same time as the National Careers Week or, if this doesn’t fit with your school timetable, why not hold your own Careers Week! Perhaps combine it with some of the other activities on this menu for a comprehensive programme.





A brilliant way for schools to develop their STEM offering and inspire students towards an interest in Science, Technology, Engineering and Maths. Over the course of the week a range of STEM activities will be planned, organised and evaluated by Own Futures. These will be created in a bespoke fashion in conjunction with the school but can include: talks, workshops, hands-on activities and visits.


Financial Literacy



Students develop their ability to be financially literate through a range of activities. Through sessions including budgeting, saving vs spending, salaries, needs vs wants and the cost of living, students will become more able to make informed financial choices. 

Half Day £150 / Full Day £300

Parent / Child Employability Workshops



Why not get parents and children working together over the course of a day to improve their employability skills. Together they will identify their skills and qualities, write CVs and personal statements, practice presenting themselves positively and interview each other. A great way to engage parents.


Mock Interviews


Own Futures can plan and organise mock interviews for your students which will help them develop the skills they need for when they face the real thing! Conducted by volunteers, students will be given a face to face interview plus feedback on how they did and what they could do to improve.  A fuller programme can be created to suit the needs of the school including interview preparation lessons, CV and personal statement writing and presenting yourself confidently workshops. This can be priced for separately on request.

£300 per interview day. Prices for interview preparation available on request.

World of Work Day



An exciting day where students will meet a panel of volunteers and guess what job they do from props that they bring in! This will then lead to workshops where the students will work more closely with one or more of the volunteers to find out more information about their jobs and have the opportunity to ask questions. Own Futures will provide generic questions in advance of the event so teachers can prep the students. The volunteers can be themed at the school’s request, for example STEM, The Arts, Removing Stereotypes, or they can be a general mix of volunteers from the World of Work. 


How to be an entrepreneur workshops


Find out what it takes to run your own business from people who already do it!  This can be delivered over half a day, day or over a number of weeks and includes sessions on promoting your own business, financial considerations and pros and cons of running your own business.  


Aim Higher / Apprenticeship Information Workshop



A fantastic way to encourage your students to Aim High! With information and advice about life and courses at universities and degree level apprenticeships, this will help start your students thinking about how high they could aim.

Our Apprenticeship workshop aims to inform students about life as an apprentice as well as get them to meet apprentices so they can ask questions and find out information first hand.

Choose one or have a combination of both over a day.


£150 Half Day / £300 Full Day

Employability Curriculum



We can create a comprehensive employability curriculum offer for you. This will be tailored for your school’s needs and could include a scheme of work for taught lessons, support for planning an effective whole school Careers Week, the introduction of a STEM week, and the planning, delivery and evaluation of Careers Conventions.


We will work with you to create a curriculum that suits your school’s needs and priorities and one that supports the requirements of Ofsted, The Gatsby Benchmarks and the DfE’s Careers Strategy.

£250 a day

Bespoke Service


 Own Futures are happy to work with any school on their CEIAG provision and are keen to have discussions about developing a programme and resources that suit each individual school. If you don’t see anything you like from the above ‘menu’ please feel free to get in touch to discuss what else we can offer you.


Strategy and Planning


Why not let Own Futures undertake an audit of your current provision and plan how you can develop this further in order to meet the Gatsby Benchmarks and attain or retain the Quality in Careers Standard. 

We can write you a 1, 2 or 3 year strategy for how you are going to develop the Careers and Employability provision in your school.  A clear strategy is crucial to meet the government’s recommendations in the new Careers Strategy: making the most of everyone’s skills and talents. 


£250 a day

Parent Workshops


Friendly and informal hour long workshops aimed at developing parents’ employability skills. This can include CV writing, interview skills, personal statements, financial literacy or just improving self-confidence. Planned and delivered by Own Futures. 

£50 per workshop

Staff and Governor Training



Own Futures can train an individual to lead careers within your school. In addition, they can also offer whole staff training on CEIAG and governor training on their responsibilities for monitoring the CEAIG provision.


Inter-school Enterprise Challenge


Perfect for Multi-Academy Trusts to encourage healthy competition between schools!

Working in groups, students will have an imaginary budget to create a brand new primary school including outside space.  They will have a booklet with equipment and costs in so they will have to make choices regarding budget. They will also create a range of other aspects including uniform design, map of the school and school rules.

They will get input at the start of the day on aspects of this such as budgeting and marketing. They will also get input on how to present.


Skills Development

Students will develop their soft skills such as teamwork, creativity, communication and resilience. They will also have the opportunity to work with students they may not normally work with. They will develop their confidence and presentation skills through doing their presentations and they will also have the element of competition, initially within their class or school and then across the schools 



£300 per class per day plus £150 for a final afternoon.

Alternatively, if there is more than one form entry, we can work with a larger group in a large space, students will still be working in groups but then there will be a presentation at the end of the day with a winning group nominated to go through to the final. This would be at a cost of £400 a day plus £150 for a final afternoon.  

It is possible to mix and match depending on the intake and number of forms in each school. 

Each school will have one group represent them in the grand final so if schools have more than one form entry but choose for us to work with the classes individually then there will need to be a semi-final to decide on the school representative (discussed at the planning stage). 

The winning groups will take part in the grand final in front of a panel of judges. 

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