Careers Day - St Clare's CAtholic Primary, Bradford

The school asked Own Futures to work with their Year 6 students on  a day of Employability Skills and Careers Information.  We started by looking at the students' own skills and qualities  - using what they enjoyed  and what they were good at as a starting point.  We then moved on to looking at why these were so important given the changing world of work.  We looked at unusual jobs such as Golf Ball Diver and Waterslide Tester before going on to considert jobs that didn't exist 10 years ago and what the world of work might look like in another 10 years.

Following this we worked on Communication Techniques  with students trying to describe a picture for their partner to draw without seeing it!  This led to us looking at what makes good communication and how important non-verbal communication is.  

In the afternoon we started pulling all this together with students creating their ideal job description, applying for this job and then in pairs interviewing each other for their perfect job.  

After school, a group of parents attended an employability workshop where they looked at linking skills and qualities to job adverts, writing CVs and presenting themselves positively.

Comments on the day include: 

"I learnt how the world of work is changing and things are disappearing" (student)

"It was fun and I learnt a lot" (student)

"I enjoyed having Michelle come in and would like something to happen like this again" (student)

"Before I wasn't confident about being a vet but now I am" (student)

"The day was good, I liked it and it was educational" (student)

"During the mock interview I learnt how to behave and what to do in an interview" (student)

"Thanks Michelle, I look forward to maybe some more workshops on all the skills to help my future job" (parent)

"Fantastic workshops - all children highly enjoyed" (teacher)

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Employability Skills - Farfield Primary, Bradford

Over the course of a year, Own Futures  worked with all of KS2 at Farfield Primary, developing their employability skills and knowledge of how these link to the world of work.  We visited the school every half term for two days and focused on making students' more aware of their transferable skills. The sessions were adapted according to year group  and were fully planned, resourced, delivered and evaluated by Own Futures.

The sessions included: Identifying Skills and Qualities, Communication Techniques, Resilience, Teamwork and the Changing World of Work taught through a range of learning opportunities  including discussion, individual,  paired and group work  with plenty of opportunities for practical activities and  for students to be able to try out the skills for themselves.   

Comments on the programme include:


"It really helped me learn about resilience and now I am never giving up on anything"

 "This session was EXCELLENT because I learnt so much"

 "I loved today's session and every other session like always"

"I love Own Futures, it helps me choose  my right future job"

"I am now  very confident  for any interviews when I am older"

"I loved this course"

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Annual Careers Convention - Park Lane Academy, Halifax

Michelle has organised hugely successful Careers Conventions  at Park Lane Academy since 2009.  The events are extremely well attended with approximately 30 employers, post-16 and 18 institutions and training providers attending.  Recent years have included The University of York, University of Leeds, Jet2, Network Rail, Eureka! National Children's Museum, Nestle, Lloyds, National Apprenticeship Service,Federation of Small Businesses, Together Housing, Armed Forces, Police and many many more!

The event is attended by years 8 to 11 with Michelle providing information about the exhibitors before the event in order for tutors to prepare students.  Questions for the students to consider asking are also provided.  The students gain valuable information about a range of different jobs and the various routes they can take.  Exhibitors are encouraged to make their 'stall' as interactive and engaging as possible so students are able to pick things up, try things out, put things on! Recent activities have included welding, trying on police handcuffs, making torches, stroking animals and doing hair!

Comments about the events include:

"Really enjoyable event, got to meet some lovely people" (Lloyds)

 "Very good event! Would love to attend in the future" (Kirklees College)

"I was really impressed that there was a huge variety of companies, institutions, colleges and universities. At previous events [at other schools] where they have given the range of opportunities to students, I feel this is the best I’ve ever seen!" (Powell UK)  

"I really enjoyed it, it helped me think what I want to do when I’m older" (student)

  "I like how they put across what they learned and told us what to do and what qualifications we may need" (student)

"‘It was good, really helpful" (student)

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World of Work Day - Thornton Primary, Bradford

The school invited Own Futures to deliver a World of Work Day for the whole school to launch their careers week.  Prior tqo the event we sent the school  some questions for the tutors to discuss with the students to help prepare them for meeting the World of Work volunteers.

The day started by Michelle delivering an assembly about the changing world of work.  This was delivered to the whole school but adapted to suit the different  key stages.  Following the assemblies the students came to the hall in year groups to meet our volunteers.  

The students were asked to guess what jobs the volunteers did just by looking at them, there was a whole range of jobs suggested from Ships Captain to dancer to librarian!  Once they had guessed with out any clues, each volunteer stood up and showed props related to the job they actually did (a children's book illustrator, HMRC Inspector, Social Media  Manager and Apprentice Engineer) and the students asked questions to try and guess what the job actually was.

The year group then split into smaller groups where they had  workshops with at least two of the volunteers.  This was an opportunity for the volunteers to talk more about what they did, their career journey, discuss their props further and also  for the students to discuss and ask questions.  

The day was a great success with all year groups from reception though to year 6 being hugely engaged and asking insightful questions.

Comments on the day include:

" We enjoyed meeting the book illustrator and looking at his sketches." (student)

" We enjoyed talking to them and asking them questions about their jobs." (student)

"Really liked the visual props to help with the guessing part."  (student)

 " it gave them an insight into different jobs and transferable skills. A lot of the children had thought about jobs before today but hadn’t thought about how the skills they needed for that job could be used in other careers. " (teacher)

"All children really enjoyed the workshop and were engaged throughout both the assembly and the workshop." (teacher)

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enterprise Challenge - Byron Primary School, Bradford

Byron Primary School were studying Kensuke's Kingdom in Year 5 so asked if Own Futures could link an Enterprise Challenge to this book, which we did!  

The students had to work in groups to create an Island Community which included making laws, designing a national costume, building a model of their island, creating an advertising campaign to promote their island, designing a map and much more!  Through doing this they developed their communication  skills, teamwork, creativity and resilience.  

At the end  of the day the students presented  their communities to the rest of the class who voted on their favourite.  As it was three form entry, the challenge ran with each class over three consecutive days with the winners then competing against each other in a final on the fourth day.  The winner of this was voted for by a panel of judges from the school and the winning island and tutor group won prizes.

It was a brilliant week which the students really enjoyed!  

Comments about the challenge include:

"Really fun, loved the lesson, worked as a team" (student)

 "I loved it. It was very cool and brought out teamwork with people we don’t talk to very much" (student)

" I really enjoyed today I definitely recommend this to other schools"  (student)

"Thank you! The lesson was the best lesson ever!!!" (student)  

"Fab day! Children really enjoyed it and learnt a lot" (teacher)

"The kids thoroughly enjoyed the day and got so many extra transferrable skills as a result" (teacher)

"The day was excellent and I would definitely recommend it." (teacher)

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Financial Literacy - Bramley St Peter's Primary, Leeds

Own  Futures delivered a day of Financial Literacy to years 3 and 5 at Bramley St Peter's.   The day started with an assembly about the cost of living including different ways to buy a high ticket item such as a  £500 TV.  We explained how  interest can affect the total cost that you end up paying and compared saving up  £50 a month, buying it on a credit card, using a shop such as Bright House or using a loan or overdraft..  The aim wasn't  to say one was better than the other but to ensure students could make informed choices when they were older.

The workshops focused on budgeting with Year 3 buying accessories for a hamster and with year 5 planning a party.  Again the focus was on making choices - if you had no budget restrictions what would you buy and then once the budget was set, what would your priorities be.  

The students realised that they couldn't have everything that they wanted and needed to make choices and prioritise according to what they thought was most important and what was necessary.  This led to a discussion about what would be necessary if budgeting for a home and what would be a luxury.

Comments about the day include:

"It was really good trying to choose what to buy the hamster because we couldn't afford everything." (student)

 "I think it is important learning about money because people can get ripped off if they don't understand it." (student)

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