Employability Skills Lessons - Student Feedback

  "I loved that Michelle made us learn through fun but also taught us about our futures." (Yr 5 student)

"I think  it was excellent because you made me think about my future more" (yr 5 student)

"I developed lots of different skills and it was extremely helpful" (yr 5 student)

 "It was nice to identify my own qualities and it was really fun" (yr 5 student) 

"I like the volunteers because I could see the importance of different jobs" (yr 5 student)

Employability Skills Lessons - Teacher Feedback

 "Thoroughly enjoyable and professional experience. Valuable for children to gain insight into future and employment." (yr 5 teacher) 

"Fantastic interactions with children, building strong relationships quickly." (yr 5 teacher)

"Excellent presentation appropriate to age of children." (yr 5 teacher)

Financial Literacy Lessons - Student Feedback

It is important to learn about money because people can get ripped off if they don't understand it" (yr 5 student)

"It was really good trying to choose what to buy the hamster because we couldn't afford everything" (yr 3 student)

Enterprise Challenge - Student Feedback

"Best day ever!" (y5 student)

"I loved it. It was very cool and brought out teamwork with people we don’t talk to very much" (y5 student)

"I really enjoyed today, I definitely recommend this to other schools" (y5 student)

"I think this is excellent because it was fun working in teams" (yr 5 student)

Enterprise Challenge - Teacher Feedback

"The students thoroughly enjoyed the day and got so many extra transferable skills as a result" (y5 teacher)

"Fab day!  Children  really enjoyed it and learnt a lot" (y5 teacher)

"Really topic specific" (y5 teacher)

Mock Interviews - Interviewer Feedback

"Very well organised" (mock interviewer)

"All was efficiently ready for me. Well planned. Nice professional staff"  (mock interviewer)

"Enjoyable and rewarding experience" (mock interviewer)

"[interview skills are] something that only improves with practice and the real world job interviews are not the place to practice!  I absolutely think this is the correct age to practice interview skills" (mock interviewer)

Aim Higher Day - Student Feedback

"It was very useful and informative – I learned a lot about how to manage my finances, time, budget etc. It also made me much more likely to go to university and much more certain about what I’d like to do in the future. Really enjoyed it as well."

"Learning about this in school now was very helpful as I can think ahead and know what GCSEs/A levels I need to get into the courses I would like in University"

"Very good and gave me an idea of what I want to do in my future"

"Today has been a really good life lesson and has learnt me a lot about university and that it isn’t just about debt and student loans." 

Employability Lessons - Student Feedback

"It was amazing and thank you for teaching us" (Yr 5 student)

"I enjoyed showing and explaining how good I do at different qualities" (Yr 5 student)

"I enjoyed going from each side of the room to show if we were bad at it [the skill] or good" (Yr 5 student)

"Thank you for this.  I really appreciate it and I loved it!" (Yr 5 student)

Employability Lessons: Communication - Student Feedback

"I liked this lesson because it gave me a better understanding of communication" (6 student)

"I had a great time in this lesson and I can't wait until you come again" (Yr 6 student)

"It was an amazing lesson and I loved  it" (Yr 4 student)

"I always enjoy the lessons, they are really really fun" (Yr 6 student)

Careers Convention - Employer Feedback

"Well organised and good interest from the students" ASK Apprenticeships

Kids seemed really engaged and interested. Very well organised event.  Pupils were good, polite and enthusiastic  (Incommunities)

 Brilliant event. Behaviour of the students was amazing. They all had a very pro-active approach. Really impressed with the school and students (Leeds City College)